House Buying Advice – Your Aid to Property Valuation in Germany

Hauskauf Beratung durch ImmobiliengutachterAre you interested in a property in Germany?


Can you determine the reasonable value of a property and are you
aware of the risks you take when buying a house? Damp walls,
poor building structure, botched building work due to the DIY efforts
of the predecessor etc. can quickly spoil the joy of your “new” property.
You should definitely ask the advice of a professional when buying a
house. Buying a house is a big decision for you but for our property
surveyors, advising property buyers and valuing property are part
of everyday life.


Der Hausinspektor – Your Buildings Surveyor in Germany


We offer you a service that is new to Germany – and has now been successful for 7 years – 
which originates from the USA. We advise house buyers before the purchase of their desired 
property and look after them up to the appointment with the notary. 
Valuation, identification of defects and negotiation with the vendor / estate agent are 
the order of the day for us.

The key: we receive a success fee on the savings negotiated for you (advertised price – purchase price) only if you buy the property. As such, you are taking no risk by using our services! Please take a little time to rummage through our internet pages and benefit from our organised tour of the site. We operate all over Germany with 24 surveyors!


Buying a House in Germany – House-Buying Tips

Private customers are often at a disadvantage when buying property, due to lack of experience. Valuation and identification of defects can only be carried out by professionals. You have found a property and are facing an important decision and lifelong commitment. You will pay back the high purchase costs in over decades, with both interest and repayments. Making a wrong decision or overlooking a defect here can often take buyers to the edge of the financial abyss.

Do you have the necessary expertise? After buying their “dream house,” many property buyers have said, “you always know better with hindsight.” There are unforeseen risks for the buyer when purchasing either new or older property. In law, houses are SOLD AS SEEN, which means that detectable defects are the responsibility of the buyer. According to current legislation, buyers are frequently in breach of their obligation of due care, as the defects could have been detected had a property surveyor been used.


Our Know-How

Our co-operation partners are all trained property valuation surveyors, all experts such as building experts or architects. We identify defects for you, determine the real value of the property and help you in negotiations with the estate agent or vendor. This means that you know that your property really is worth the money! The surveyor then looks after you up to the appointment with the notary.


The best thing: if you have questions, you can ring your surveyor at any time. This means that, when you buy, you can be sure that you have made the right decision.


Our Services: Property Valuation and Advice

1. Inspection of the property: in order to protect you from unpleasant surprises after you have 
bought a property, we offer inspection of your chosen house by competent surveyors. Careful 
and expert checking by our specialists often reveals building defects, which are not necessarily 
apparent to the untrained eye at the first glance.


2. Valuation and advice: after extensive inspection, the property surveyors will determine 
the value of the house for you. You will then be informed of the defects discovered and the 
remediation requirements and provided with extensive advice by the surveyor.


3. Negotiation: after you have told us your top price, we will carry out the objective 
negotiation with the estate agent or vendor. As a result of our many years of experience 
and using the facts discovered in the inspection, we frequently achieve significant savings for 
our customers at the negotiation stage, which a layperson would not achieve. As such, 
our service is worth it for the purchaser, even with this additional saving alone! 


4. Support up to the appointment with the notary: after the decision to buy, we will 
prepare you so you feel confident for the appointment with the notary.


Do you have more questions? Please get in touch – we will be happy to offer you full, no-obligation advice!

Jens Gause is available for questions by telephone.



Our House Surveyors’ Fees

We offer our customers a useful service at a fair price. In addition to a fixed basic fee for travelling to, inspecting and valuing the property, we receive a success fee on the savings we have negotiated, after the notary contract is signed (only when the purchase is actually made). The basic fee is invoiced later, with the success fee. We operate all over Germany.   
Fee on Savings Basic Fee in Euro (Invoiced with the commission)
Advertised price of the property Hamburg € 350.00, Bremen € 350.00, Oldenburg  € 350.00, Osnabrück € 350.00
Up to € 200,000.00, 30% of the saving Berlin € 350.00 to € 350.00, Hanover € 350.00, Münster € 350.00, Bielefeld € 350.00
Up to € 400,000.00, 25% of the saving Dortmund € 350.00, Düsseldorf € 350.00, Cologne € 350.00, Koblenz € 350.00
From € 400,001.00, 20% of the saving Frankfurt € 350.00, Aschaffenburg € 350.00, Mainz € 350.00, Kassel € 350.00
  Munich € 350.00, Stuttgart € 350.00, Karlsruhe € 350.00, Nuremberg € 350.00
All prices ex. 19% VAT Magdeburg € 350.00, Leipzig € 350.00, Dresden € 350.00, Brandenburg from € 350.00
We operate all over Germany with over 20 surveyors! Ask for your personal offer here!

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